Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crochet Posts Worth Noting

Planet June's Invisible Decrease Tutorial:

Planet June's Magic Ring Tutorial:

I don't know if any of you crochet, but I don't want to lose these links, so I'll post 'em here where I can find 'em. Assuming I can find my blog when I need it.

So...I'm Obviously Sucking at This

Would you believe I forgot I have a blog? No? Yeah, me either. You wouldn't be so surprised it's taken me this long to post if you'd seen the number of crochet UFOs in my closet. (UFO = unfinished object)

My current work-in-progress is the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan from Annie's Attic. I've wanted to make this thing for YEARS. Eighty-something dollahs later, there's a little voice in my head warning me not to let it go the way of my blog. LOL Is it possible to have OCD and ADD? I'm obsessed with things for as long as I can remember them.

So the two new granddaughters are about a year and a half old, and both are as lovely as can be. I previously posted a pic of Zoey with a headless Elizabeth in the background. I promise to post a pic of Liebe tonight, if for no other reason than she'll be howling at the inequality ten years from now. Anyway, since that post, I acquired another grand baby...the first grandson, William. I call him Chuck. He looks like Charlie Brown, big head and all. He's so handsome! One big dimple in his right cheek, and he shows it off all the time because he's always smiling. Good thing her third baby is a happy one, with all of them under the age of four. If he hadn't been, I'm sure she would've traded them all for whatever is behind door number four. I know I would've.

OK, so I'll update with pics later. Tonight. Really.

Edit: I promised pics. Here are all four gorgeous grands.

This is Zoey with Elizabeth's head.

This is Liebe.

This is Will.