Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today is My Birthday

This usually doesn't go well.  But today...

I'm at work already, and it's been pretty frigging amazing so far.

Slept a few minutes late (which usually spells disaster), but somehow showered in record time.  Dressed in my cool-ass pinstripe pants with the dangly double-chain on the hip, and my fuschia shirt...silver jewelry.  I don't usually bother with this crap, but it only took a minute and I feel good.  I start my prednisone today (30 days, and I'll be a psycho by the end, and probably fat to boot), so I want to wear them while I can.

Got out of the house one minute later than goal, held up by the 3-year-old grandbabygirl who came running out, tousled and blinking and still mostly asleep because she just HAD to wish Granny a happy birthday before she left.

Hugs and sleepy kisses and I love yous later, traffic is heavier than it's been in forever (today is the second day of the school year) but still speed limit, thank goodness.  I needed to cross two lanes ...both lanes were empty.  Cars everywhere, but not right here.

Every light was green.  Literally.  I did not stop at a single red light, not even the one at the bottom of the expressway where I have to turn left and that's a lookie-lookie-lemon-cookie if there ever was one.  Dropped my girl off at work, and watched an almost-accident in front of me get magically averted without slowing anything down. Still no reds.

Made it to work in record time, and got a call from my 5-year-old grandbabygirl, awake this early because today is her second day of kindergarten.  She wanted to wish me a happy birthday, and  I got another from my daughter before we hung up.

Snagged my regular parking spot (irregular, recently) and made it to my Box without encountering anyone.  The first person who came to see me was my Mami, Mrs H who brought me a hug and a cookie and wished me a happy birthday.  Then an IM happy birthday from Mr K who I love, and then Mrs L who I also love came to the Box with a beautiful native american/tribal card and a breakfast bar and a hug.

The only people I've seen today are people I love and who love me.

I'm stoked about this new CFCI - the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative.  There is an anti-genocide movement, did you know?  I think our kids might change the world.  STAND, the student-led division of United to End Genocide can give you more info.

I've been wanting slow-striping yarn and a rotary cutter and perle cotton and the new Bernat Handicrafter cotton and I wanted it all in glorious colors, so my girl took me to JoAnn's Monday night to take pictures of my wish list, and the kids went and bought it all.  That idea was tops!

And there's my friend G blinking in the toolbar.  :)  So I'll end this and go say hi.

Whatever the rest of the day holds, this morning was beautiful in every way, and I am grateful.