Monday, January 26, 2009

An Introduction

This is Willis. He is the smartest, most beautiful, and best-behaved hamster in the whole world. It's not that great a picture, because he doesn't stay still unless he's asleep.

I know some of you are thinking, "That does not look like a hamster. What's with the hair?" His hair is really long (we have to trim it to keep it from tangling in the exercise wheel) and really soft. Also unlike your average hamster, he doesn't bite.

He loves me. Probably not as much as he loves his ball. Man, he really digs that ball.

OK, I know he doesn't look like a hamster. He never looked like a hamster. But he was in the hamster habitat at the pet store, he loves his hamster food and hamster treats and hamster houses (he's got two, a big one and a small one, with multiple levels in each - he has the coolest digs!). He really is a hamster. And no matter what my daughter thinks, he is mine.


  1. Aw! He's a long-haired rodent kind of way.

  2. Thanks, Momo! :) He's my favorite pet...of which we have many. Too many. I'll eventually talk about our zoo, but it will seem more like confession. We're nuts about animals. OK, a more accurate statement would be, "We're nuts." The animals are just part of it.