Friday, January 2, 2009

Reasonings & Seasonings

Pssst. First post. I'm guilty of subjecting my captive audience to my progressively-more-frequent ravings (no, Dear Reader, I'm not really holding anyone captive - although my kids might disagree). Maybe I'll be content to dish my mental meanderings here, and they'll get some peace. Who am I kidding? This will end up being one more thing I stress over. Welcome to my world.

My daughter and step-daughter are both expecting...both due in February. When they each shared their happy news, their ETAs were February 12th. Both of them. (Did they go to the same party??) Their husbands weren't worried, but I was beyond relieved every time the dates changed. ETAs are now the 12th and 17th. *whew* Maybe I'll have time to shower and change between deliveries.
(Original photo by Ross Berteig, some rights reserved.)


  1. In 1986, my three sisters all had babies within two weeks of each other...and one of them had twins! My Mom was a crazy person for awhile.

  2. That's where I'm headed, I can tell. I'm already a basket case and nothing's happened yet.

    By the way, Dear, I absolutely love your blog!! Your own chaos makes me feel better every time I visit.