Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oklahoma - More Than OK!

So we drove to Oklahoma this weekend to bring home our wandering children. My step-daughter (mentioned in this post) and her husband had moved there to be closer to his family, and decided to come back to sunny Florida.

I have to assume this was my first trip to Oklahoma. I don't remember having been there before - but in less than a day I knew I was home. Driving back to Florida was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I've mentioned my aversion to cold, and it was 22 degrees when we got into town Sunday morning. The temperature had no effect on the connection I felt. Mark my words, someday I'll be talking to you from my house in Nowhere, OK.

I thought "prairie" meant "flat". Not so. Coyotes, more sky than you knew existed, more stars than you ever dreamed. No people. Not many, anyway. Somebody said "town" and I laughed. There's no town, there's just 20 houses huddled together against the great wide open. I'm going to find a spot in that endless expanse where I can't see another soul in any direction, and I'm going to plant myself right in the middle of it. You'll hear from me, but you'll never see me. As soon as I work out the details, I'm going home.

(Original photo by Wade from Oklahoma, some rights reserved.)

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