Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturdays are for Sleeping

Man, I love weekends. All week long I'm a clock winding down. By the time Friday comes slugging in, I'm ticking slower by the minute. I don't always get to recover on those two blessed days (see last weekend!!), but it happens often enough to keep me going. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if I would go to bed at a reasonable time, I know. Whatever.

Anyway, today I got to sleep. Didn't get there until almost two in the wee hours, but I crashed until almost noon - doesn't that sound shameless?? Meh, like I care. It was heavenly, and I'm forever in debt to the people who make it possible. Thanks to my girl for running interference, thanks to my nine-year-old for loving Cheerios®, and thanks to everyone else for understanding that Laurelei is AWOL for the first half of the day and for not knocking on the door.

I hope there's no plans for tomorrow.

(Original photo by mahfrot, some rights reserved.)


  1. Unless you are woken up by someone who's bored and asks a million questions while you're half asleep.

  2. LOL Baby, I will NEVER mind that. Wake me up.