Monday, January 5, 2009


Do you have a night owl in your life? Is it a bone of contention, or have you found ways to live with it peacefully? Any tips you can offer would be appreciated - by my family members.

I am a night owl. Not an insomniac; believe me, I can sleep...just not at night. I live on coffee and a couple of hours sleep every night. There's always something I don't want to stop doing: reading, watching my DVR'd episodes of House, messing around on the computer, knitting (my newest obsession). I just finished the Twilight books, and without pause I picked up the Heinlein book I was half-done with when I started Twilight. I almost finished it last night, but my girl gave me an antihistimine, waited 30 minutes, then stole my book and put a pillow over my head. By 9:30 I was out. I feel GREAT today!

And you know, I'd consider going this route once or twice a month...but I bet my girl is considering stock in Benadryl®.

(Original photo by Gerry Rosser, some rights reserved.)

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