Monday, January 19, 2009

...With a Wooden Leg Named Smith...

Obviously, with a moniker like Laurelei, my name is Laura. I didn't choose the nickname; it chose me.

Back in the day (I've never said that - always wanted to), before I knew what the World Wide Web was, I was asked to work on a project at home, and was sent home with a laptop. In order to send her the files when I was done, my boss helped me set up my very first email account. She habitually called me Laurelei, so that became my email address and moniker. The name stuck. Ten years later, the boss and that job are long gone - and still the name lingers on.

I see some pretty inventive names online, and I wonder what part of their lives people are carrying with them.

I guess I'm just glad she didn't call me Scooter.
(Original photo by Gene Hunt, some rights reserved.)


  1. I set up my e-mail with missliz when my kids were little because the kids at the daycare called me that. My husband thinks it makes me sound like a call girl!? Oh well, I'm stuck with it now, and he is stuck with little ole' me.

  2. LOL missliz...That's good! It can sound dignified or naughty. I bet he likes it.